Power Connecting Devices

power connecting devices

Pin-and-sleeve and explosion proof power connecting devices

We offer a vast selection of new, top-quality electrical power connecting devices including plugs, connectors and receptacles of all types. Our sales staff has the answers for ALL your power connection needs!

• Pin-and-sleeve plugs, connectors and receptacles create safe, dependable electrical connections in demanding industrial, marine and commercial environments. Our deep inventory of power connecting devices includes pin-and-sleeve devices in 30A, 60A, 100A, 200A and 400A. We also stock back boxes, angle adapters and replacement interiors.

• Explosion proof power connecting devices provide power in hazardous environments.  We carry a large range of styles and amperages.

•  We have twist type and straight blade types ranging from 15A to 50A.


Pin and Sleeve
Power connecting devices including plugs, connectors and receptacles are designed to supply power to portable or fixed equipment in industrial and commercial applications.

Hazardous location or Explosion Proof
Plugs, connectors and receptacles are used in areas that are classified based on the presence of dangerous quantities of flammable vapors, combustible mists, residues, dusts or deposits.

General “Wiring Device”
A term to describe the broad range of types and sizes of convenience receptacles, cord  plugs and wiring switches for control of branch circuits usually incorporated in residential and commercial applications.

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